Charlotte Museum Project
Old School Board Office
The Old School board office, on David Bruce Avenue in Charlotte Court House,
offers space for many educational and economic development opportunities. 


 Oh, the places to go
And the places to see

Will all be enhanced
By this project to be.

We have plans for the
And not just for stuff.

A workplace! A welcome!
But our plans are still rough.


Do you have some thoughts
About what we can do?
For meetings or classes?
An idea or two?

A space for your office?
a small place to eat?

A workshop? A gift shop?
Kids' things would be neat.

There are many features that make these buildings attractive.
In addition, off-street parking is available.


When we get commitments
For a tenant or two,
Then we'll go for tax credits! And grants!
All for you!
For the County has need
Of new money! New plans!
So send your ideas!
It's now in your hands!

We need help!
We need YOUR help!
Here's what you can do:
We must pay for the buildings.
A check must go through.


The old cannery, in the rear of the building, can be made into a conference room available for public gatherings and special events.

The old kitchen will be redone.



Please send a donation.
Please send us your say.
We have time!
We have space!
There's a will!
There's a way!

Together we'll do it.
Together we can.
Together we'll make a big




The high ceiling and brick walls provide an attractive "rustic" setting.



Please send your donation
and your ideas to:

The Museum of Charlotte County
P. O. Box 323
Charlotte Court House, VA 23923

The Museum of Charlotte County intends to make these into usable public buildings,
but we need private funds to help make it happen.


Our initial concern is to renovate and re-use the old School Board Office. The old school building has an enormous amount of usable space, and our hope is that we can restore this building as well.


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