Cullen / Red House (E)

M. Anthony Reeves
Term expires 12/31/23

     Mailing Address: 334 Thornton’s Mill, Road Red House, VA 23963
     Phone: 434-248-5527 (home) or 434-665-9517  (cell)
     Address:   334 Thorntons Mill Road,  Red House, VA 23963
     E-Mail Address:


The Cullen/Red House District, with some exceptions, lies east of Red House Road and north of the Norfolk Southern railroad line. From 2000 to the 2010 census, this District had a growth rate just over 13%, the only area in the County showing appreciable growth during those years.

The northern part of the district boasts the highest elevation in the county. Here lie the creeks and streams which flow south through the county into the Roanoke (Staunton) River. The rolling hills and fields, cross-hatched with timberland, make it one of the most scenic areas of the county. It is also culturally diverse, and continues to attract people with its friendly rural lifestyle, and its clean air and water. The communities of Cullen and Red House lie at the edges of the district, and Madisonville lies in the center. Many old homes and churches are found throughout the district. Besides the Norfolk Southern line along its southern boundary, the rail line from Pamplin to Burkeville also runs through the District. At one time, three passenger trains per day came by the old Abilene Station. Residents of the Cullen/Red House District participate actively in the life of the county. In past elections, this district has had the highest voter turn-out, both in percentage and in number. 



  •  Charlotte County Board of Supervisors since January 1, 2020


  • Member of Red House Volunteer Fire Department


  • Attended Central Virginia Community College
  • Completed numerous military courses, construction inspection short courses and seminars, and Southern Baptist Seminary Extension Course


  • Hurt & Proffitt, Inc. civil engineers
  • Pastor of Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, Abilene VA
  • Cattle Farmer
  • 2 years U.S. Army
  • 23 years Va. Army National Guard (retired)

Supervisor Reeves is married to Debbie Tweedy Reeves and has three grown children and eight grandchildren. He has resided in Charlotte County all his life and enjoys sports.